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3 good reasons to develop padel in its complex

Practice of padel in the south of France

1- Diversify your offer

Padel is a very accessible sport that is always played with four people. We can quickly progress even if you’ve never touched a racket in your life
. Tennis or squash players love padel
because they find common technical aspects.

By setting up a padel court, you make sure to offer an activity that appeals to as many people as possible . In fact, you are already reaching some categories of active players:


2- THE PADEL IS affiliated with the FFT

The “FFT” license allows you to play padel in competition in addition to tennis and beach tennis.

Through padel, the FFT seeks to strengthen racquet sports . Tennis clubs wishing to install padel courts are naturally affiliated with the FFT Padel. Even if a an independent private club organization is emerging and could also make its voice heard.

This affiliation allows them to approve the Padel tournaments they organize . With regard to private structures, the FFT has created an authorization system which is similar to affiliation. This system allows private structures to join the FFT family and become part of the official padel circuit.


3 – The cost of building land

A padel court is much smaller than a tennis court. You can build 2-3 padel courts for one tennis court.

It takes an average of € 20,000, which is half as much as a tennis court . The manufacturers are numerous but few are 100% French. The example of KIP Sport is a good reference to name just one.

A greater added value is obtained knowing that padel is played only with 4 players. The club gets more revenue per hour and further optimizes its figure ‘business.

The rapid return on investment of building a padel court is another reason to invest in this sport.

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