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C Foot Indoor and Doinsport: a golden partnership

This year, the Ligue 2 Domino’s Pizza and Doinsport land at Le Mans. In all its forms, football regains control of Sarthe.

Friends of Manceaux, welcome home. You who have elevated Sarthe gastronomy to the rank of art (especially for your rillettes, your shortbread, etc.), you also and above all have a strong sporting tradition which makes the whole of France salivate. Indeed, between the 24h of Le Mans, Le Mans Sarthe Basket, the Mucistes du Mans Football Club, we absolutely had to bring out indoor football. And  CFoot Indoor got it.


C Foot Indoor is the sports complex for you. So for all lovers of indoor football, 4 synthetic fields suitable for 5 against 5 are at your disposal. Better still, they respect the true dimensions of French football hall (30m by 15m). Maintained daily, you will experience the sensation of treading on the best green squares of the moment. Because these are the latest generation synthetic lawns.

To all those keen on statistics and technical gestures: don’t panic, here again C Foot Indoor is thinking of you by offering to record your matches. Everything is there for you to have a good time with friends, family or simply with strangers (who will later become your friends, of course). Bubble foot is also available, watch it here:

To accompany you after the effort, two changing rooms with showers are available. And to redo the match or simply to prolong the pleasure, a club house is present on site. On the menu, broadcast of the best matches of the Champions League, Europa League, Ligue 1 Conforama but especially Ligue 2 Domino’s Pizza. Everything to come and tear your voice away for Le Mans Football Club.


This complex located a stone’s throw from the University is no trivial choice for Doinsport. It offers the best playing conditions to all residents of Le Mans and its surroundings. As you already know, the Doinsport app makes it easy to organize indoor soccer matches. All you have to do is log in! Then, book the time slot that suits you the most. Navigate our intuitive interface to find players (for your own team, or for your opponents). Our Marseille start-up will abandon sardines for a while, replacing it with rillette.

Once again, we, the “football venue”, are honored by this new partnership, in the beautiful city of Le Mans.

Come and discover the C Foot Indoor complex in Le Mans on Doinsport

Come and discover our partner centers on the Doinsport application!


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