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Customer service 3.0 in a climate of uncertainty

Are your products and services recognized as the best on the market? Congratulations! But never forget that even a leading company in its industry can experience dramatic setbacks if its customer service isn’t up to par.

Why is customer service excellence a major goal?

Take advantage of a considerable competitive advantage

Most sectors of activity are now experiencing saturation of supply which is therefore reflected in heightened competition.

Very often, there is also a certain standardization of the offer due to standards or the converging tastes of consumers, which can lead to difficulties in emphasizing the differences or the added value of your offer.

Quality customer service is now a competitive marker in its own right! If he has to choose between several comparable providers, the client will test several possibilities and then systematically select the professional who is most attentive to his needs and problems.

Improve the customer retention rate

It is obvious, however, it must be kept in mind: improving customer service directly contributes to optimizing customer loyalty!

It is generally estimated that two-thirds of customers who change brands or companies do so because of dissatisfaction with customer service:

  • disagreeable interlocutor
  • late or inadequate response to an urgent problem
  • no long-term follow-up

Customer retention rate is a determining factor in the health of your business.

Take advantage of a free and perfectly targeted promotion

By having a solid and loyal customer base, duly referenced in a good CRM software, you have at your disposal a benevolent audience and potentially interested in any news of the company.

Launching a “private” advertising campaign aimed at the brand’s customers costs next to nothing and usually results in a record conversion rate.

Beyond that, keep in mind that the most enthusiastic customers will generally not hesitate to improvise as brand ambassadors and recommend the brand to family and friends. This will lead to a potentially very promising snowball effect for your business development.

Integrate new technological advances in GRC

The universe of customer relations is in perpetual motion: by paying your full attention to this area, you will therefore have to constantly rethink the organization of your customer service to integrate the very latest innovations (artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality ), and adopt them along with your customers.

With, the key, interesting savings on your operating costs!

Whether it is an increased presence on social networks or even an intelligent use of “mutual care” between users, a latest generation customer service conveys the advantageous image of a dynamic company in phase with his time.


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