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Doinsport: 100% “Made in France” Padel


Created by a Mexican Enrique Corcuera and then imported from Spain, this sport that has become essential is a clever mix of tennis and squash. The sport now brings together more than 8 million players around the world.


A padel court is organized as follows:

  • 20 meters long
  • 10 meters wide
  • 4 serving square
  • a net

This fun and friendly sport, very popular with our Hispanic friends (Mexico, Argentina, Spain), is enjoying real enthusiasm in France. Indeed, we have more than 450 clubs in France and this number continues to increase year after year. It was in 2013, thanks to the impetus of French player Henri Leconte that padel managed to win in France.


As with tennis, the game is organized on the principle of scoring, a small differentiating point, it is played in doubles. As in tennis, the ball can only be touched once and only one bounce is allowed before it is returned.

Following the first bounce in his square, the ball can touch parts of the structure before it can be played. The ball can be returned directly before or after the bounce.

The ball must then touch the ground in the opposing camp before the structure to be valid. The service is done with a spoon and diagonally. The ball must not touch anything (neither the structure, nor the spinning) before its very first rebound in the service box of your opponents.

If not, then the ball will be “fouled”. After the rebound in the service area, the ball is “fault” in the event that it touches the metal mesh before the 2nd bounce. Points are counted in the same way as in tennis, namely 15-30-40-advantage, set of 6 games.


Padel balls are different from those used for tennis. They are slower, with a larger diameter. The racket is also different. They are shaped like a drop of water, have a shorter handle and are lighter in weight.

Quick tip: the thinner the racket, the more control you will have on the ball. For shoes, you have two options: wear special padel shoes, or use clay court shoes.

DOINSPORT: PADEL management software

After seizing the indoor football market, Doinsport is now established in padel with solid foundations. Beautiful references like Padel Shot or Big Padel

provide legitimacy in this increasingly competitive market.

As previously indicated, padel is a sport that is played in doubles. So like in indoor football, you have to succeed in building a team in order to be able to play regularly. And when we are more than two, it gets complicated.

Doinsport provides a solution to this problem with an automated player search application. The center manager for his part can also search for players directly from his software which will generate notifications in the Padel community.

Thus, hundreds of invitations to join a match are sent automatically and the first to join the match complete the game.

For his part, the padel center manager can calmly contemplate his activity thanks to the management software. By assessing the needs of managers of sports complexes, Doinsport has stood out and become the leading management tool in padel.

Manage and organize your Padel complex thanks to Doinsport

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