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Cash register

Doinsport created the only cash register dedicated to sports and leisure centers


This cash register Manages all aspects of a center, namely:

• On-site collection of reservations made online (linked to the schedule)
• Automated quote with integrated center logo for birthdays, works councils, team building …
• Automated mail for customer invoicing with follow-up (in progress, invoiced, paid …)
• Automatic division of the score according to activity and number of participants
• Small and large catering management
• Sale of equipment and merchandising on site
• Stock management of all types of products
• Z tickets with income by category of product or activity
• Differentiation between cashed activity and consumed activity
• Multi-format accounting exports

Doinsport doesn’t think so, he builds his software with the managers of structures
Over time, Doinsport adapts to customers’ consumption methods as much as the management rules of managers.

Sport cash register

Concrete example of the use of the multi-activity cash register:

  1. A customer can very well book their birthday online and pay for it directly by finding their associated customer account
  2. It pays upon receipt and does not consume it until 2 months later, the cash register recognizes your turnover on the date and that of the activity consumed in the future on the day concerned
  3. On D-Day, he consumes more and wants to integrate 3 bottles of Coca-Cola and a climbing or Laser-Game session for his child.
  4. The caisse accumulates all of its consumption in its customer account and categorizes the recorded activity by product
  5. Finally, he decides to pay at the end of the day but the cashier will not be the same person … The cashier can leave a note on his receipt and put the receipt on hold until it is cashed
Cash register

Customer references who can give you their feelings?

La Maison du Squash, Liberty Aqua Fitness, Play Zone, more than 50 customers already use the 3.0 connected cashier

Would you like to speak with one of our technicians to find out if your scenarios are managed by our multi-activity cash register?

Nothing could be simpler, fill out the contact form by clicking here. We will usually get back to you in less than an hour.


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