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Doinsport: Custom multisport application development

Why this collaboration with Doinsport?
Discover the testimony of Stéphane Pernet, co-manager of the “Player 63” multi-activity complex in Clermont-Ferrand who has been using the Doinsport solution for 1 year now.

After days of searching for providers, we quickly realized Doinsport’s considerable lead in this market. Indeed, it was the only company able to satisfy us in terms of application customization. We presented our needs to them with something very important to us, a high-end image. ”

In addition, Doinsport automates my reservations, my invoicing, my birthday quotes or other business tasks such as managing my shop and my catering section. This allows me to welcome my customers serenely. I now have quality interactions with them, they appreciate the closeness and I retain them much more easily “


We had an appointment with Anthony Durand, their sales manager who knows the market very well. At the time, we hesitated with another actor based abroad. However, Anthony quickly understood the message and knew how to listen. What we can see today is that Doinsport is not only sports management software but a player with real expertise in this market and which operates it at 300%.

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It was found that he knew exactly where the barometer was. They equip more than 300 complexes so the experience is there. This was felt during the study of our needs, we quickly felt confident. As managers of top-of-the-range structures, we trust the best as long as it does not cost us an awful lot. Doinsport was able to offer us a suitable solution with really appreciable payment facilities. ”

Our solution includes the following elements:

Result: We save an average of 1h30 per day in terms of management and our customers are delighted to be able to do everything from a simple and fluid tool.

Links to Player 63 applications:


If you also want to know the services of DOINSPORT

Our team of experts is attentive to your project and your needs. We can give you a presentation of our services by videoconference or directly on site if we have the possibility.


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