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Doinsport partner of the G5 Futsal in Prunelli in Corsica

Eccu! A Corsica si unisce DoInSport! * It is with great pleasure that we are launching our first partnership on the Isle of Beauty: at G5 Futsal de Prunelli di Fiumorbu.

In a brand new setting, this sports complex will welcome enthusiasts of all ages, thanks to their impressive infrastructures:

  • A padel court (outside),
  • A squash court (indoor),
  • Two indoor, outdoor soccer fields.


The charm of Corsica is well established and this complex located between the heights and the sea will offer you a royal view (the pictures speak for themselves by the way). Corsican friends, tourist friends, look no further: the G5 complex is the place to be.



With Doinsport, lovers of indoor football, padel and squash will now have a guarantee of economic reliability. We assure you that it is possible to play without breaking the bank. See for yourselves:

  • 1 hour of indoor football only costs € 6 / player

And offers a choice of an indoor court or an outdoor court for a minimum of 10 players. In peak hours, we arrive at a total of 10 € / Player, and a bottle of water is offered.

  • For 1 hour of Squash, the field is available at only 15 €

It is an air-conditioned indoor court (intended for 2 players). If you do not have any equipment, this is not a barrier to your activity: loans of snowshoes, shoes and protective goggles are available.

  • Finally, you will only have to pay 40 € to enjoy the Padel court for 1 hour

This is an outdoor area (intended for 4 people). Bottles of water are offered to each player and racket rental is included.

You will understand, we are proud of this partnership, which is part of our desire to offer fairer sports activities throughout France.

Come and discover our partner centers on the Doinsport application!


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