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Doinsport reconciles Bordeaux with indoor football

The Marseille startup Doinsport, leader in the organization of indoor football matches, arrives in Bordeaux. A partnership that already looks promising.

Indoor football is back in action in Bordeaux, and Doinsport is not for nothing. This historic sports ground is ready to leave the Union Bordeaux Bègles (rugby) and the Girondins (football) behind; to make room for the Five. This is where we come in: our free app allows you to find the match that suits you the most (closest to you, at the best price) and to find the opponents or partners who will accompany you. This is a unique experience and we are honored to join your beautiful region in this way.


Doinsport makes it easy to organize indoor soccer matches. But how ? It’s very simple: whether you are alone or with others, all you have to do is log into the application and let yourself be guided by its intuitive interface. And if players are missing, Doinsport lets you find your indoor soccer players in one click. So, Bordeaux friends, you will be able to tread the lawn of one of our partner resorts:

Footgoal ou Offside 33. Doinsport takes care of everything for you.

The Footgoal complex, located in Saint-André de Cubzac (30 minutes from Bordeaux), has the very best in terms of infrastructure for indoor football. Its 3 indoor courts and its giant screen showing the best matches will offer you a real moment of conviviality before and after the effort.

At Offside 33, we focus on originality. In addition to its excellent terrain suitable for 5v5, a synthetic turf field of smaller dimensions invites you to discover 2v2. Better still, your matches can be filmed and made available to you. In Martillac (20 minutes from Bordeaux), this unique complex brings together all football lovers in the Bordeaux region.


A ball, feet, pitch and calves: the essence of football is in its social side. With Doinsport, we put it back in the central circle. Thus, you can meet the eyes of your friends or challenge new players in the white of your eyes. In France, there are at least 4 million urban practitioners, knowing that more than 1 million inhabitants reside in Bordeaux, we are assured of the success of these partnerships.Whether you are an amateur, semi-professional player, professional or even World Champion (like our partner Djibril Sidibé), you will always be welcome with us.

From Bordeaux, join our 45,000 members and play indoor football whenever you want.

Come and discover our partner centers on the Doinsport application!


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