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Doinsport: Shadow workers for a brand image in broad daylight

Doinsport, SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS and APPLICATION IN white label in the field of sport & leisure

what are we talking about?

This term comes up regularly in our readings. “White label application”, “white label technology purchase”, but what does this mean in practice ?

Finally and for our greatest pleasure, the definitions are quite clear on the subject.

The white label is a process allowing a company (distributors) to benefit from know-how or technology created by another company (the producer) by dressing and marketing it under their own brand.

Créez votre application

Our enterprise Doinsport developp various management software for sports and leisure complexes. We therefore create our own technology in the technical sense of the term:

  • App
  • Cash register
  • Task Manager
  • Automated marketing
  • etc.

Our client, for example, a chain of several academies which train the future “pro” of French tennis led by the greatest, Jo -Wilfried Tsonga and Thierry Ascione.

This named academy “ALL IN ACADEMY” was won over by our technology and expertise because we already work with more than 250 complexes throughout France and internationally. We have high-end positioning and tick all the boxes when it comes to personalizing a project.

Guillaume Deslot, Customer Service Manager at Doinsport emphasizes the importance of quality of service:

Our strength is the time devoted to our customers. We never leave them without answers, we move forward together on all subjects. We are very clear when it comes to taking a positioning on a specific development

Respond to NEEDS while providing the benefit of our expertise

For brand image purposes and very personalized services, our client wanted to keep his high-end universe and his “pro sport” side.

At their request, Doinsport allowed them to develop a tailor-made solution.

We have integrated their own online court reservation system, a cash register configured to the user’s own needs, advertising logos or partners involved in the academy project, etc.

Karim MediniCTO In Doinsport details the work undertaken:

We integrated their entire universe: logo, graphic charter, tailor-made features, customer experience, online store, and so on.

The idea is to optimize (their) customer’s experience while maintaining the original brand image. It’s also about automating many time-consuming tasks for managers.

  • Registrations
  • Court reservation
  • Data base management
  • Inventory management
  • Flexible planning
  • etc.

A model that pleases since Doinsport has become “the technological benchmark” in the field of sport & leisure.

A unique positioning in BtoBtoC which allows us to clearly stand out from other market players by providing service to both the owners of these structures and their users.

Client type

Nicolas Cassignol, founder of Doinsport is very clear with his clients when it comes to showcasing a new client’s brand:

We want to work with managers who want to modernize their complex and optimize what is dear to them.

Some favor the loyalty of their practitioners while others prefer to dwell on the ease of practicing the sport they offer.

These are the types of approaches that we are used to managing now and we are proactive in their project. “


Our type of client is quite broad. From the manager of complexe multisports wishing to retain its customers up to the indoor football channel who wants to explode the market with an optimization of its occupancy rate. Also, facility managers are very fond of setting themselves apart from the competition with their own application.


Jean-Michel Arcucci, ex-pro of French squash and now manager of M Squash, largest squash club in France gives us its experience:

Thanks to Doinsport, I now offer my customers to download my own “M Squash” application on the Stores.

In 2 clicks, they can do it all. They have access to their customer account, can buy or rent equipment online, book courts, top up their membership card and even pay for their tour! “

The advantages are numerous since the complex manager provides his players with considerable added value. Dozens of services specific to its operation have been integrated in order to build customer loyalty. Finally, providing fluidity and a customer experience generate proximity with its customers. All of this ultimately translates into increased revenue.

To conclude, this new commercialization in the world of sport will be able to breathe new life into a sector which is lagging behind in terms of digitization.

The various players in sport have now understood that it is complicated to offer offers without technological support adapted to current consumer needs.

Being able to concentrate dozens of services at their fingertips strongly encourages the customer to renew the experience, a fairly natural form of recurrence which is defined by the ease of access to the offer.


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