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Doinsport becomes a digital partner of SCO Angers

Doinsport will equip SCO Angers, Ligue 1 club!

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Doinsport devient partenaire digitale du SCO Angers

For 1 year already, we knew Doinsport capable of big projects, now it is undeniable, Doinsport plays in the big leagues. The digital revolution of clubs is underway and  SCO Angers has understood it.

The Doinsport management software will take care of the different aspects of the club:


Doinsport digitizes the Angers SCO


Guillaume Deslot

project manager at Doinsport, shows his enthusiasm

“This project is for us a real step forward in order to establish ourselves in the world of professional sport. 3 full-time developers are currently on the project for the next few weeks. We go back and forth with the SCO team every day. Angers and we are moving forward efficiently, the solution will be delivered shortly “


Gautier Lacour, Chief Operating Officer of SCO Angers gives his opinion on this partnership :

The Doinsport team initially contacted me for indoor football but my needs were broader. After a thorough study of the club’s needs, we opted for the full package. We had to be ready for the warm-up game, time was running out so the pressure was real.

We needed management software for the management of the club as a whole. An application for indoor football and a centralized collection system for the entire Raymond Kopa stadium. Part of the Doinsport team came on site to implement the management software and the integration of the cash register software on all the stadiums refreshments.

They saved the day and everything was ready for the first game of the Ligue 1 season.


Organize club life

it goes above all through the academy

The young players of the academy will soon be able to benefit from the services of Doinsport from the month of December. Young people will be able to register easily and organize their schedule. Their parents will have an eye on their activity and will even be able to interact with the coaches if necessary.

Facilitated communication will reassure parents.

If a course is canceled or a new course is created, a notification will inform the parents.

Registration, payment of contributions, organization of training, instant messaging, all the tools for better management.

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