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ADN Sports partenaire de Doinsport

Fancy a football hall in Châlons-en-champagne? Discover ADN Sports

Sport is evolving and so is its mode of consumption! Stephan and Christophe understood it well and were able to catch the ball quickly with their indoor football / padel / badminton complex in Châlons-en-Champagne.

Indeed, ADN Sports is a center like no other. It is the 1st sports complex without subscription.
ADN Sports partenaire de Doinsport
foot salle


Want to play indoor football in Châlons-en-Champagne? Doinsport

has found the sports complex that will delight you.

Indoor soccer is not the only sport at the resort. ADN Sports also consists of a padel court, 2 badminton courts and a basketball court (3vs3).

For tennis fans, ADN Sports has thought of everything! Table tennis and less commonly ball tennis are available.


Professionals and / or individuals, the center offers you a multipurpose room with a surface area of 50m2.

You can use their meeting room, equipped with a flat screen, WIFI connection, a video projector, tables and chairs, and everything you need to eat.

Click here  to know the prices of this room.


Leader on the reservation market in the indoor football sector. Doinsport makes life easier for players as well as center managers thanks to its application and its powerful management tool.

Are you an indoor soccer player in Châlons-en-Champagne or its surroundings and you don’t know where to play, or with whom? Doinsport to the solution.

With its platform using SAAS (Software as a Service) technology, you will be able to manage your activity remotely, have a global vision of your reservation slots, and launch SMS & E-MAILING campaigns in order to retain your customers and attract new ones. clients. But the Doinsport solution doesn’t end there! We know communication comes at a cost. This is why our team manages this aspect for you.

From creating visuals, to posting on social networks to creating articles. We do everything to develop the image of your center.

When it comes to increasing traffic within your resort, a dedicated team creates a community of active players around your center.

Doinsport app : 

Doinsport management tool:

Come and discover our partner centers on the Doinsport application!


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