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Football hall in Lyon roars for Doinsport

Putting rivalry aside, the Marseille startup Doinsport is proud to set up in Lyon. As a leader in the organization of indoor soccer matches, we are certain of the success of indoor soccer in the heart of the city of Juninho.


All the Lyon-Marseille posters are spectacular: Doinsport in the capital of the Gauls is no exception to the rule. The app makes it easy to organize indoor soccer matches. But how ? It’s very simple: whether you are alone or with others, all you have to do is log into the application and let yourself be guided by its intuitive interface. Doinsport has 4 partners in the Lyon region. This is why we are counting on you to come and honor them with your presence : Foot Five in Vaulx-en-Velin, Indoor 45, Set & Match, l’Indoor Park d’Anse.

Our first partner resort is huge, in every sense of the word. There is no less than 4000m2 of space dedicated to indoor football. Just that. This is what you can find at Foot Five from Vaulx-en-Velin (25 min from Lyon). Its 4 synthetic turf pitches are daily maintained. The pitches will guarantee you sensations worthy of an outdoor football field. Chasubles and balloons are lent by the complex.

In Lyon, you can find the Indoor 45. Here, we have decided to bet on originality. Indeed, you will find 3 grounds dedicated to indoor soccer. Also, you can be frenzied parts of BubbleFoot. The infrastructures are such that you will have the impression of playing at Groupama Stadium! Immersive and friendly atmosphere guaranteed!

Our next partner is Set & Match, located in Mions (25 minutes from Lyon). It consists of 3 indoor football fields:

– 2 are dedicated to 5v5

– 1 of 3v3

All the pitches are of the latest generation synthetic turf, which will put you in the best possible conditions to let your talent express itself.

L’Indoor Park D’Anse, 30 minutes from Lyon, is betting on fair play. The 4 pitches of the complex are of last generation synthetic turf. As is the spirit of indoor football: no tackles, no contacts except the spirit of conviviality. All the more so during the third half at the Sports Bar, inside the building.


Call it “urban”, “five”, etc. We all meet around the round ball. The social is again placed in the center of the field. In the central circle, you can meet the eyes of your friends or challenge new players in the whites of their eyes. And with 4 million practitioners in 2016, “Urban” or the “Five” does not lack human resources. So now is the time to stand out like Lisandro Lopez, stroke the ball like Juninho and be as spectacular as Hugo Lloris.

Whether you are an amateur, semi-professional, professional or even World Champion (like our partner Djibril Sidibé), you will always be welcome with us.

Lyonnais friends, join our 45,000 members and play indoor football whenever you want.

Come and discover our partner centers on the Doinsport application!


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