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For post-covid recovery: Invest little, earn a lot!

Following government measures, the reopening of sports and leisure complexes is fast approaching.

In order to prepare well and start your recovery on the right foot, don’t make the mistake of taking it easy!

The recovery will be very dense and as a complex manager, you will have to “rack your brains” to restart your activity at full speed very quickly.

What if the solution was right there: Doinsport?

Adopt Doinsport for streamline your daily management , animate your communities and manage your point of sale:

– You save time through the fluidity of our management tool (online reservation, automated marketing, cash register, etc.)

– You earn money through the features to animate your community:

Match creation and sharing
Integrated Chat
Smart push notifications on customers’ gaming habits

While in normal times, it is already difficult to find partners, how will your players cope with the reluctance of some to resume sports activity after the social distancing measures linked to covid-19?

You drastically reduce your marketing costs: we take care of everything. You can take advantage of our expertise so that you no longer need to use communication agencies.

Doinsport application

Finally, we support you in the resumption of activity by offering you the first month to resume: just that!

So, no more excuses, innovate and move up a gear with Doinsport!



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