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Heat Sport in Sablet, partner of Doinsport

Located in Sablet in the Vaucluse, Heat Sport is a center for indoor football but not only… indeed, the complex also hosts the Padwall (a mix between padel and squash). If you want to explore the center and reserve your course, download the Doinsport app.
foot en salle Heat sport doinsport


A town located in the Vaucluse near Vaison la Romaine, Sablet is renowned for its tourist activity and its practice of climbing and mountain biking.

In its den, it hosts Heat Sport, an indoor indoor soccer center. Its 5 football fields welcome you every day in a warm and sporty atmosphere. For competition enthusiasts, you will have the opportunity to submit a tournament and organize it with the center.

Playing football helps improve your child’s athleticism and cardiovascular capacity. This is why internships are organized during school holidays as well as the organization of birthdays.

For professionals, the organization of your business events are also taken care of by the center (seminars, team building).

In addition to the practice of indoor football in 5vs5, you can test the novelty of the moment, the

Padwall ,  mix between padel and squash. Fun and friendly, learning a new sport is quick. A little more Heat Sport, a sales area is available to you. You can buy snowshoes, shoes.


Leader in the reservation market in indoor football, Doinsport makes life easier for players as well as center managers thanks to its application and its powerful management tool.

Are you indoor soccer players in the Vaucluse and you don’t know where to play or with whom? Doinsport to the solution.

With us, no more hassle to organize your football match! Download the app

1⃣ Choose the center and the niche of your choice

2⃣ Reserve a field by indicating the number of players

3⃣ Invite your friends directly to the application

4⃣ Join a match if you are alone and want to play

5⃣ Find players if you have free places in your match

With its platform using SAAS (Software As A Service) technology, you will be able to manage your activity remotely, have a global vision of your reservation slots, and launch SMS & E-MAILING campaigns in order to retain your customers and attract new ones. clients.

But the solution Doinsport

don’t stop there! We know that communication comes at a cost, that’s why our team manages this aspect for you. From creating visuals, to posting on social networks to creating articles. We do everything to develop the image of your center.

When it comes to increasing traffic within your resort, Doinsport has a simple and effective solution. Our dedicated sales team create a community of active players from your center.

heat sport foot salle doinsport


From the start of the September 2019 school year, the Doinsport service is expanding and opening its marketplace. Indeed, we will be listing all the indoor soccer, padel and tennis centers in France and Belgium.

We are also going to set up the cash register for partner centers as well as an online store (to manage the concept of subscription as well as CE tickets).

For players, online payment will also be part of the game.

So don’t hesitate any longer and join the DOINSPORT team!


Doinsport app :

Doinsport management tool :


Come and discover our partner centers on the Doinsport application!


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