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How Doinsport developed my “Maison du Squash” app

Mathieu strong, manager of “la maison du squash” trusted Doinsport to digitize his squash center


Mathieu Fort is the manager of the largest squash center in the Nantes region “La Maison du Squash“. He has always made it his mission to promote his players through personalized services. It is in this sense that he called on the services of Doinsport.

He opted for the design of an application in line with his values and those of his center.

The application allows in particular to offer a real service to its customers. Book courts, organize to play, create open matches, buy hours of games … All this is now possible for an optimal customer experience.

Develop My SQUASH application
Mathieu Fort gives his opinion on this partnership:

In a competitive market, we have to stand out. We must be able to offer additional and exclusive services. Knowing my market and my customers, it became essential for me to go digital. I wanted to evolve towards a computerized solution

which allows me to improve my organization and optimize my time. In addition, I had to make online court booking and the organization of matches possible for my clients who are very loyal to me.

Doinsport offered me two choices. Either go through their booking platform or create my own white label application.

I did not hesitate! My graphic charter, my logo and some specificities specific to my center, everything is there!

At an attractive price, this was all possible in just a few weeks. I can offer all the services I want to my clients and the players are just overjoyed. “

Pierre, loyal customer of the “Maison du Squash” testifies:

I can book online in 10 seconds, pay for my courts in advance and offer my rounds at the bar. We, the squash players at the beginning, thought that the application and the online reservation would kill human relations at the club … It was not. Mathieu has more time to give us and we we are more organized for the matches “

Doinsport provides the Maison du Squash with its complete solution:

  • Management software
  • Connected cash register to manage the sports part, the catering and the Proshop
  • Application developed in the colors and image of the center
  • Possibility to book via Facebook or the Website
  • Result: he was able to retain his customers. He remains convinced that proximity to his clients will always be the unstoppable argument in the eyes of his practitioners.

If you wish to benefit from the expertise in creating your application for your squash complex, contact Doinsport to take advantage of the Doinsport Custom service. Already 30 complexes have created their own white label application.


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