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How to successfully organize a match in less than 5 minutes?

All football, tennis or padel players will recognize each other when we talk about the difficulties of organizing a match. Indeed, the time to:

  • find a sports center that suits everyone,
  • know the available slots and prices,
  • reserve a plot
  • building a team can be long and tedious work.

With this in mind, Doinsport has created a solution that responds to this problem: how to successfully organize a match in less than 5 minutes. we’ll explaine everything here


Doinsport was born from a simple observation, the complexity of organizing a match in record time. Between the training of the two teams, the availability of each, which center to choose and at what price, call the centers to book. So many questions and problems to deal with in record time. Organizing a match between friends becomes a real chore. The result of this mess is often last minute cancellation. Sports centers are too often affected by late cancellations and teams are short of players.


We had to offer a global solution to both players and sports centers. It is in this context and after analyzing the market that Doinsport has set up match management software (indoor soccer, tennis, padel, squash). The application uses SAAS (Software as a Service) technology. You can drive your game anytime, anywhere. The application is equipped with algorithms that recognize your location and suggest all the clubs near your location as well as their prices. Thanks to its integrated search engine, you can launch a search and / or receive notifications on the availability of players. All you have to do is chat with them and register them or not.


With Doinsport you no longer have any excuse to give up sport. Let yourself be tempted by indoor football, tennis, padel or even squash. Build your team in no time and join the Doinsporteur community.

Come and discover our partner centers on the Doinsport application!


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