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I created my own application for my indoor football: the testimony of Miguel Fernandes

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Are you the manager of an indoor indoor soccer complex and looking to digitize and personalize your customers’ gaming experience?

Miguel Fernandes, President of the Belgian indoor football complex chain “Circus Arena“, has always wanted to offer the best experience to its customers:

“In a competitive market, we must stand out by offering additional and exclusive services in order to retain our customers”.

With this idea as a driving force, Miguel wanted to develop his own “Circus Arena” application where he could manage his entire complex and automate the customer journey.

For him, several aspects were essential:

“I want my clients to be able to organize themselves at any time from their smartphone, to consult the availability of the pitches, to book and pay online, and to get in touch to complete the matches if they are not. not in full “.

Problem: Miguel has a lot of skills, but he doesn’t know how to give shape to his wish to develop an application for his 3 football complexes.

“I tried to survey friends who worked in communication agencies, but the cost and the lack of solid references quickly cooled me. So, I kept this wish in a corner of my head but I thought I could never make it happen ”.



At the end of 2018, Miguel was looking for a management solution for his 3 complexes, and turned to Doinsport on the recommendation of fellow managers of indoor football complexes in France.

At the time, Doinsport was the benchmark in terms of management software on the French indoor football market..

“During our meeting, I told Nicolas about my wish to have my own application, and Doinsport was able to offer me an offer that I could not refuse. In addition to providing me with management software and as a complete cash register, they are developing two applications in the colors of Circus Arena: one on the Play Store for Android, one on the App Store for Iphone “.

A month later, the Circus Arena applications were published on the Stores.

Today, Miguel does not regret his choice:

“Doinsport was able to design our” CIRCUS ARENA “application by integrating all the requested functionalities, namely more than twenty in total.

Now our players can interact with us, reserve a court, buy items from the shop, order a snack menu, pay for a tour and even pay their subscription or their credits.

Big advantage of the application, there is a real interaction between the players, they can chat, create matches, share everything on social networks, incomparable in terms of experience with what I have seen so far .

And in addition, all on an application dedicated to our colors, which creates a strong feeling of belonging and community ”.

If you want to be supported in the creation of your application for your indoor football complex, do as Miguel and contact Doinsport to take advantage of the service. Doinsport Custom. Already 30 complexes have created their own application via Doinsport.


Custom applications by Doinsport

are created by our technical and graphic team internally in our premises in the heart of Provence.

Discover the Circus Arena application in video:

And if you want to make up your own mind with the app in hand, download it directly to your smartphone.


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