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In Franche-Comté, Doinsport is reinventing indoor football

In Arbouans, Besançon and Dole, the Marseille-based startup Doinsport is arriving to establish its status as a leader in the organization of indoor football matches.

The Francs-Comtois love indoor football, that’s good for us too. The Doinsport app offers you a unique experience: find the match that suits you the most, at the fairest price. Our application is free, you just have to put on your crampons and join one of our many indoor courts.


The Doinsport app has only one mission: to facilitate the organization of 5-a-side (or urban) football matches. Indeed, whether you are one, two, three, etc. log into the application and let yourself be guided by its intuitive interface. Besancon  Play Arena, Dole (Complexe Sportif S3  and Arbouans Intérieur Sport 

welcome our partners, quality sports complexes. Doinsport takes care of everything for you.

Let’s start by talking about the city complex at the citadel: Besançon. The Play Arena provides you with 3 latest-generation courts for optimal playing comfort, and provides you with balls and bibs. Its changing rooms and toilets offer you the possibility to change and shower on site. After the matches, you can still discover the exceptional landscape that surrounds the city, and the Doubs.

Let’s move on to another complex, still in Franche-Comté. Dole hits hard with his S3 Sports Complex. Its 2 indoor soccer fields have FIFA Pro quality synthetic turf and several VIP lounges where major French and international football matches are shown. Who would have thought that a stone’s throw from the Tanners district, lies such an advanced complex?

Finally, the Indoor Sport complex in Arbouans offers you 2 indoor pitches with latest generation 5-a-side synthetic turf. Located next to Montbéliard, there are many qualities this infrastructure has: vests and balls available, heated changing rooms with showers. , conviviality area, flat screen to follow the best meetings, etc.


The social is again placed in the center of the field. In the central circle, you can meet the eyes of your friends or challenge new players. And with 4 million practitioners in 2016, “Urban” or the “Five” does not lack human resources. Franche-Comté is no exception.

Whether you are an amateur, semi-professional, professional or even World Champion (like our partner Djibril Sidibé), you will always be welcome with us.

Francs-Comtois, join our 45,000 members and play indoor football whenever you want.

Come and discover our partner centers on the Doinsport application!


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