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Indoor football heads to the United States

Indoor football consists of 11 centers that open each year in France and grow by more than 133%. Since its installation in France in the early 2000s, indoor football has continued to prove its worth. Indeed, this sport, close to classic football, is a friendly and diverse sport which has won over a large audience. Many players have established themselves in this market, such as the Five. It was then without question that the Five decided to settle down in America and more specifically in Sacramento (California United States).


The project will start in the United States and expand to Canada and then to Mexico. To help them in their deployment in the United States, the Five called on a Frenchman living there: Franck Resslen. Thanks to him, integration will be easier. Tony Jalinier, one of the group’s co-founders, explains how they were able to establish themselves in California: “A deployment to North America has always been part of our plans but we thought we would move to other European countries first. the project eventually gained momentum. We seized an opportunity. ” This is how 9 indoor football pitches and a training area will soon be created.


In France, women are not very fond of indoor football, they represent only 5% of attendance. With our neighbors across the Atlantic, it is quite the opposite. Indoor football or rather “soccer” is very popular with women. The American players are also the reigning World Champions. It is therefore around this female target that the Five’s strategy will be oriented. Children will also be in the spotlight. Internships will be set up as well as football academies. They expect an influx of between 150,000 and 200,000 people in the first year, “we really want to make our centers into places to live and welcome a large number of players”.


In France, the success of indoor football does not depend solely on football fields. It is a place for sporting events that have become convivial spaces where you stay to have a bite to eat, have a drink or watch the matches of your favorite teams. It is this concept of the “Sport’s bar” which also works in France that they will export to the United States.

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