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Usain Bolt à Marseille pour le nouveau maillot de l'OM

Lightning strikes Marseille

Jamaican runner Usain Bolt, also nicknamed “La Foudre”, was in Marseille yesterday. He rocked social media by posing in the new OM shirt.

Usain Bolt à Marseille pour le nouveau maillot de l'OM

This morning, a somewhat special guest took part in the traditional debates of Marseille cafes. As part of the partnership between Puma and Olympique Marseille, the fastest man in the world (and in history), posed proudly with the new blue and white tunic. This home jersey, officially presented during the Marseille-Montpellier match (our Doinreportage can be found here) is worn by the 4 players accompanying Usain Bolt. Doinsport is on hand to offer them an indoor soccer match whenever they want.

From one muse to another, Puma will unveil the new Olympian club jerseys (away and third) tonight. Indeed, they will be staged by our partner Alonzo with in particular a new title!

After 45 years of reign, Adidas has given way to the most feline brand of the moment.

After AC Milan, Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund, it was around Olympique Marseille to succumb to the charm of Puma. In fact, the brand has achieved a masterpiece in the Marseille city, with the opening of the  Complexe le 13 By Puma and their partnership with Alonzo, Puma saw its jersey sales tripled in just a few months.


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