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Padel in Marseille

Are you in Marseille? Are you a padel player and you don’t know where to practice your favorite sport? Or where to find players? Don’t worry, Doinsport is here and takes care of EVERYTHING! We have listed our padel centers for you


A clever mix between tennis and squash, padel is undoubtedly THE sport to be played at the moment. You don’t need to be at Rafael Nadal’s level to have fun, padel is a fun sport and not super technical. Small differentiating point, it is only played in doubles. So put on your tennis shoes and let’s go !!


Do you want to discover an all padel club? Do not hesitate any longer and go to  All in padel sports

in the Decathlon village in Bouc-Bel-Air. This family friendly padel club doesn’t just focus on men. Indeed, women and children occupy a prominent place within the club. If you appreciate the welcome and additional services, All in padel is for you! The welcome is the real plus of the center. A team will be present to welcome you with joy and good humor. For novices who do not yet have their equipment, rest assured All in Padel has everything planned. There is a shop in the center, where you will find shoes, racquets, balls and many other accessories. All in padel sports has 6 padel courts (2 indoor and 4 outdoor).


For all those who play padel passionately madly, Doinsport offers THE padel center that trains you to become a pro of the yellow ball. Formerly renowned tennis club,  WinWin padel

was able to anticipate the sensational arrival of padel in France. This is how the club abandoned its tennis courts (there are only 5 outdoors) to build 13 padel courts (8 outdoors and 5 indoors) and 2 training grounds. WinWin padel organizes many sporting events such as the Setteo Team Cup. Like Jérôme Ferrandez (8th French) and Audrey Casanova (French No.1) the biggest players in French padel training on the full panoramic courts offered by the center. You will understand, we do not go to WinWin padel by chance. We go there to become an athlete on the field.


The news broke in 2017 that Puma became the new equipment supplier for the legendary Olympique de Marseille club. It is only natural that 2 years later a sports complex bearing the name of the brand emerged from the ground: the  13 by puma

Even though there is a dominant football, the center has developed its padel section. If you want to play in a sporty and prestigious setting, don’t hesitate to reserve your court at 13 by puma! Sensation guaranteed …


Whether you are a padel player who wants to participate in tournaments, whether you are a padel player who enjoys spending time with family while practicing sport, or whether you are a player who loves places offering choice and a unique setting ; Doinsport has the padel club for you! So don’t hesitate, download Doinsport.

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Come and discover our partner centers on the Doinsport application!


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