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Rouen: the padel Arena trusts Doinsport

The Doinsport allies land in Normandy. Rouen, capital of this beautiful region, and especially its Padel Arena team up with Doinsport. A true city of sport, padel is on track to find a place between the famous Rouen Métropole Basket (Pro B club) and the tough Dragons of Rouen (historic Ligue Magnus club).

After tennis, badminton and squash, it is on a rectangle of 20 meters by 10 meters, separated by a net and bordered by glass walls, that two teams of two players compete with their racket (without string but full and pierced with small holes). Rouen anticipated the express success of this new practice in France and offers Normans a unique experience.


In Rouen, we put on the playful side of padel. Mixed and accessible to all, it is necessarily with a smile that you will join one of the 4 courts of the Padel Arena complex. Among these, you will find a choice:

  • 2 padel courts suitable for doubles play,
  • 1 padel court suitable for 1 on 1 game,
  • 1 field with reduced dimensions, made to measure for children.

The grounds are perfectly designed, meet the official dimensions to put you in the best possible conditions. Moreover, the one to whom we owe the arrival of padel in France, the former French tennis player Henri Leconte, has personally validated this surprising complex. If this glory of French tennis appreciates the Padel Arena, you will surely appreciate it.



To go beyond the simple game with friends, the sports complex of the city of a hundred spiers is diversifying. If the desire for a new challenge tickles your hand, the Padel Arena also knows how to adapt to get into competition mode. Courses are therefore offered to improve your skills, before playing one of the many tournaments organized throughout the year by the center of Rouen.

In addition to padel, you will also find badminton (with a magnificent court) as well as two table tennis tables. Always at favorable prices, the center now stands out because it is completely adapted to disabled sports.

But let’s leave racket sports for a moment to talk about the Fitness room of the Norman complex. There are 6 modules available to you here.

6 modules at your disposal: 2 indoor bikes, 2 ellipticals and 2 treadmills.

Finally, to relax after exertion, a Club House is also present. This friendly space of over 70 m² will convince you: cold drinks, planchas of Spanish cold meats, cheese platters, hot snacks (garnished baguette, croque monsieur …), etc. And for those who don’t want to drop out: no problem! Numerous sporting events are broadcast throughout the year on the giant screen in the center.

Once again, Doinsport takes care of everything. All you have to do is download our free app and enter your address. Creation of matches, search for players, geolocation service, etc. Find the meeting that suits you, at the fairest price. The Doinsport team is proud of this partnership established in Normandy, in the best padel complex in Rouen.

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