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Sport and health: the challenges for 2019

Getting French people to practice regular physical or sporting activity is one of the “Sport-health” issues set up by the government in January 2016. Physical activity is a source of pleasure and social bond. Sport has become a source of well-being.


Since January 2016, the government has recognized the practice of sport as a solution to reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Since then, it has been possible for doctors to prescribe a suitable sports activity on prescription. Indeed, the practice of regular physical activities is perceived as “medicine” by medicine.

Indeed, the official recognition of sport as a medicinal solution has been included in the Public Health Code. From now on, the concept of “sport-health” is included in the law of January 20, 2016 known as “modernization of our health system”.


One of the government’s key challenges is to fight against physical inactivity in order to live longer and significantly reduce the risk of chronic diseases. No longer staying at home, going out and moving are the keys to healthy sport.

In addition, the social cost of taking care of patients with a long-term illness (ALD) amounts to around 90 billion euros. The ills caused by a sedentary lifestyle (staying at home) is estimated at 17 billion euros.


As you all know, Paris will organize the Olympic Games (OG) of 2024. On this occasion, the concept of “Sport-health” is once again put forward. The organizers want to make the Olympics the locomotive of this movement.

Indeed, President Emmanuel Macron aims to have an increase of + 3 million physical activity practitioners by 2024. The stakes will be high for the government which wishes to instill a real culture of sport in France . The goal is always to fight effectively against a sedentary lifestyle and therefore to reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

“Sport-health” is a factor which also intervenes in the fields of education, disability, the economy, or even in the fight against discrimination. It would also be a question of reintroducing sport at the University, a subject which has completely disappeared from the banns of French faculties.

Today, the will of the public authorities is to highlight the benefits of sport. Many sports facilities will emerge. A group of experts has even been created: “For a healthy France”

So don’t wait any longer and let yourself be tempted by the sport attitude #Doinsport

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