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Sports and leisure complexes: go to online booking!


In 2020, it seems obvious for any business manager to have a<span”> digital management tool in order to better manage its activity. Indeed, can we imagine a restaurateur without cash register allowing them to prepare their seating plan and cash their orders? Or a general practitioner without  online agenda to manage and plan appointments with patients?

However, a good number of sports and leisure complexes have not yet taken the step in terms of digitalization. Therefore, people wishing to book at these resorts frequently have to scramble in order to be able to enjoy their activities. Inquiries by email to find out about land availability or prices, phone calls to take reservations: there are many steps to be taken for complex customers.

As for the managers, this “artisanal” management has many disadvantages. They mobilize an average of 2 hours of their time each day to respond to simple requests by telephone, to write down upcoming reservations in pen on a notepad, or to cash their customers one by one by writing their names on sheets of paper that ‘they will keep each evening to verify that all reservations have been paid.


Aware of this reality which prevents dozens of complex managers from allocating time to the development of their structure, Doinsport has designed a  complete solution for sports and leisure complexes..

For more than 3 years, Doinsport has made their daily life easier through many services essential to the good management of a complex:

  • Management of members, players and members
  • Online booking: app, web, Facebook
  • Online payments: CB, VISA, Loyalty credits
  • Flexible planning
  • NF 525 certified online cash register
  • Management of sports facilities and associated prices
  • Marketing module: SMS, Mailings, Push
  • Monitoring of customer relationship management: CRM
  • “Pro-shop” online store
  • Access control
  • Statistics and KPI monitoring of your complex
  • Subscription management

By professionalizing the management of their complex via Doinsport, managers save time and can finally focus on high added value tasks: development of new services, partnerships, setting up of event tournaments …


Paiements en ligne sport

Everyone knows it: we are currently in a special period marked by reinforced sanitary measures which impact the life of sports complexes. Showers are for example prohibited for some, and all must ensure a strict sanitary protocol.

An essential step for customers: come to the counter to pay for their reservation. This often generates a large flow of people queuing to pay for their service.

For example, an indoor football complex with 5 fields must accommodate 50 people at the same time, and this every hour of the evening. This can quickly become a challenge and especially in times of health crisis.

In order to avoid this, opt for online payment in advance through Doinsport. Several options are possible, from a simple bank imprint to full payment of the reservation, including the deposit.

So don’t wait any longer, and contact us at for a free counseling session on these aspects.

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