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The Doinsport app gets a makeover

After its release in September 2018, Doinsport released the second version of its application.


For this second version, the creative team decided to go all out on the design. More modern and more dynamic, it offers intuitive navigation.

The change begins with the colors that have been designed to facilitate “in app” navigation. Each sport has its associated color: green for football, blue for padel, yellow for tennis etc. Matches that are sold out are completely grayed out, the view of the schedules is clearer and the “Create a match” button is more eye-catching with its orange color.

The design of each page has been redesigned to offer a real user experience. Everything has been done to make the path easy to understand.


Updating the application gives access to a simpler path than on the old version. From the first opening, a tutorial opens to show you the new features of the app. This is when you can indicate your gaming preferences. It is important to fill in this field correctly, as you will receive notifications based on the information entered.

How to join a match, create a match, reserve a pitch or even reserve a single seat has never been easier.

– The geolocation system has also been improved in order to offer centers close to your position by indicating the distance between you.

– Match filtering can now be done by date, time slot or time slot. All you have to do is select the field that interests you. The button is located at the top right of your screen. You will have direct access to the day’s program.

– The quick search for a match can be done directly in the “Join a match” tab. You can also search for a match by entering the name of the center.

– Doinsport, always more “social”. As a player it is very important to know who you are talking to and who you are playing with. It is for this reason that we ask users to personalize themselves by adding a photo.

To make it easier for you to get started with the application for the first time, we have designed an explanatory tutorial that will appear upon download. If you want to see it again, you can find it in the “Review tutorial” tab.

If you want to join an active community and practice sport everywhere: indoor, outdoor. Download the Doinsport application from App Store / Google play  and organize your matches effortlessly.

Come and discover our partner centers on the Doinsport application!


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