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The top 10 of the best Marseille football

Today, direction Marseille: its sun, its blue sky, its good mother and above all its football. What would Marseille be like without football? Not much. Doinsport set out to conquer the many football halls (indoor / outdoor) that occupy the city.

Focus on the top 10 of the best indoor football made in Marseille.


Le temps du socceris an indoor football located in Carnoux in Provence, a small town bordering Marseille. Located in the industrial area of Carnoux. This indoor football offers:

  • multiple terrains
  • an area for children
  • a club house

In addition to amateur matches, Le temple du soccer organizes numerous indoor soccer tournaments and championships. For moments of relaxation, nothing better than the broadcasts of matches (OM, Equipe de France, Champions League).


Massilia Five, is an indoor football located in the 11th arrondissement of the city of Marseille. This center has:

  • 2 terrains de foot 5 vs 5
  • 1 terrain de foot 3 vs 3 (ou tennis ballon)
  • des vestiaires (idéal pour la fin des matchs)
  • une pool house avec sa terrasse
  • parking gratuit
  • 2 football fields 5 vs 5
  • 1 football field 3 vs 3 (or tennis ball)
  • changing rooms (ideal for the end of the matches)
  • a pool house with its terrace
  • free parking

Massilia Five is not just for amateur players who want to let off steam on the pitch. Companies can also organize seminars, or CE tournaments.


BigFoot Marseille is an indoor football center located in the 15th arrondissement of the city of Marseille. It consists :

  • 3,000 m2 of parking,
  • 3 courts of 5 vs 5,
  • 1 court of 3 vs 3 (tennis ball)
  • air-conditioned club house

Big Foot Marseille has become the undisputed new place for indoor football fans. Then let yourself be tempted by the BigFoot experience.


Football Park located in the 5th arrondissement of the city of Marseille, is an indoor football club composed of:

  • 2 courts 4 vs 4
  • changing rooms
  • a flat screen for the broadcasts of matches
  • of a club house
  • free parking


With its 7,000 m2 of surface including 6 indoor football fields and 2 outdoor football fields, the Marseille Foot indoor, located in the 11th arrondissement, is one of the few complexes to offer indoor or outdoor play.


Liberty Foot, on the road from Calas to Plan de Campagne, is an indoor football club with:

  • 4 covered courts
  • 2 changing rooms
  • 1 club house
  • 1 large dish for the broadcast of matches (OM, Champions League)
  • possibility to order pizzas every evening

If you are looking for activities for your children, Liberty Foot offers many activities: Kid foot. For professionals, the center also organizes seminars or partnerships with the works councils.


Foot indoor Olive & Tom is located in Châteauneuf les Martigues. It’s made of :

  • 2 XXL courts
  • organization of amateur tournaments and championships


Five Vitrolles is a 5-a-side football center which organizes numerous tournaments all over France. A children’s section is also set up through the Adidas Fives Academies program.


Mercato Foot Indoor is located in the 14th arrondissement of the city of Marseille. It consists of two indoor soccer fields.


Our last Top 10 club is located in the heart of the Decathlon village in Bouc-Bel-Air: Monclub Futbol. The complex is made up of 6 5 vs 5 football pitches including 3 latest generation indoor and 2 outdoor. The fields are equipped with HD cameras which allow you to see and review the best and the worst moments of the match.

Now it’s up to you to make your choice !!

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