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Why do you have to go to padel?

Indoor football, tennis, squash… But also padel. Doinsport invites you to discover this new sport where good humor and performance are the key words.


While tennis was born in the UK (in 1873, by the recently retired Major Walter Clopton Wingfield), padel is not. The history of this rapidly developing racket sport begins in the early 1970s in Mexico.

Its creator, Enrique Corcuera, was living in Acapulco at the time and did not have enough room in his garden to turn it into a tennis court. He therefore built a 20 m by 10 m court, framed by its 3 and 4 m high palisades. Competing ingenuously and unable to afford a real tennis racket, he replaces it with a flat wooden bat.

In 1974, his Spanish friend Alfonso de Hohenlohe arrived in Mexico to visit him. The two men share wild games and when it comes time to say goodbye, the tourist packed the idea of ​​the game in his suitcase.

In Marbella, the game is so popular that it earns the right to be studied in detail. The design of the court, the rules of the game and the rackets are then created. This cousin of tennis becomes an obsession for the Spanish jet set which seizes and democratizes it. Tennis players succumbed and the first tournaments were organized in the late 1980s.

As the 90s passed, what is known as “city sport” was exported around the world and the countries bordering Spain did not cut it. Playful and technical, France did not last long and it was Henri Leconte (the glory of French tennis at the time of Noah) who became its ambassador.



  • France has 232 padel centers in 2017
  • The hexagon has 491 sites in its territory
  • In the world, there are no less than 8M players
  • In France alone, they are 50,000 practicing this new sport
  • The number of padel courts in France has multiplied by 13 since 2009


Thanks to Doinsport,

you will be able to discover the padel phenomenon without even getting out of breath. We take care of everything. Through our free application, you can find the best short, closest to you and at the best price. In addition to the dedicated equipment loaned, we are committed to finding you a partner and / or opponents of the level you want (novice, intermediate, expert). Where we really stand out is by offering you to book your time slot directly through the app.

Today we have a number of padel

partners across France. Better still, we have Jérôme Ferrandez in our ranks.


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